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We Are Datlas

We work to architect data solutions that span on-premises and cloud-based computing environments. Our team brings together a strong skillset in the latest technology standards, helping to empower the Non-Profit sector with custom-built tools.

A large chasm exists between the potential of data-driven information and its actual use in helping solve social problems. Datlas bridges this gap by bringing together disparate stores of data in a stream-lined UI to help the Non-Profit sector maximize their efforts.

The term "big data" is used to refer to data sets that extend beyond single data repositories (databases or data warehouses). Our tools help organizations utilize data that are too large and complex to be processed by traditional database management and processing.

What Datlas Provides

Creating a Culture of Trust and Consent in Data Sharing

Data Aggregation

Datlas assists non-profit charities, small-to-medium business owners, and research groups achieve the same advantage with big data as the top corporations. Datlas can help your organization secure, protect and gain meaningful information from your data.

Software Consultation

Datlas contracts with teams of all sizes to develop value-add components for your favorite software, as well as API integrations to better communicate with your team, collaborators, and customers. We also train enterprise-level teams to utilize the latest in data science technologies.

Security Audits

Datlas provides enterprise security audits, making sure your organization remains compliant with all the latest laws and standards in data protection. We can help your company protect your database and maintain the trust that your team and customers deserve.

API Integration

Datlas specializes in developing components for integration between applications, helping you communicate and share without compromising your workflow. We help to improve your favorite tools, to make them even better fit for your organization's needs.

Secure Communication

Datlas helps you share your data with who you want, while protecting it from those you don't. Consent-culture defines our core values, and our development team works to protect your right to privacy, with encrypted and secure communication.

Privacy Protection

Datlas helps users remain anonymous while staying connected to your network. Offering unprecendented communication tools, for your team, partners and affiliates, as well as everyone else who needs to know. All while protecting your data from those who don't.

Latest News in Data

Nearly 30 million Americans told the Census Bureau they didn't have enough to eat last week.
Dakin Andone | 31 July 2020
Since the start of the pandemic, Feeding America's food banks have seen a 50% increase in the number of people they're serving compared to the same time last year. The food banks estimate that just under 30% of those being served are seeking charitable food assistance for the first time.
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Analysing challenges for internet of things adoption in agriculture supply chain management
Sanjeev Yadav; Dixit Garg; Sunil Luthra | 14 Aug 2020
Internet of things (IoT) has gained noticed throughout the world. It has changed the agricultural supply chain and permits farmers and food processing organisation to compete with massive issues they face.
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Your big data reports are not being used as they should: Here's how to change that
Mary Shacklett | 21 Aug 2020
Just because you make beautiful, impactful data visualizations doesn't mean the business is using them to their fullest extent. There are ways to improve that.
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